IASIS is a non-profit organization active in the field of Social Inclusion, Mental Health and Education. The organization is affiliated with the Ministry of Labor, the National Register of Non-Profit Private Sector and the Special Register of Voluntary Non-Governmental Organizations of the Directorate-General for Welfare [09110AEN21094O32N-0798 as well as 09110AEN21021N3210N].

IASIS was founded in 2005.  In its 15 years of experience and contribution, people have always been in the center of projects designed and implemented, with the main objectives of providing psychosocial support, combating the social exclusion of vulnerable groups, the provision of psychological and counseling services, the creation of equal opportunities and new perspectives.

The total number of beneficiaries of the organization has been estimated at more than 500,000 people since 2006.

IASIS has been providing support to anyone in need for 15 years: People with mental health problems, asylum seekers and unaccompanied minors, homeless people, women, children, and young people, as well as professionals on the Humanitarian and Educational sector.

IASIS has been operating seven (7) Youth Centers named “CONNECT YOUR CITY”. In the context of the project, young people aged 16-30 are entertained, trained and able to participate, through peer mentoring, in planning and implementing projects and actions that promote the principles of European citizenship and participation.

ActionAid Hellas (AAH)

ActionAid Hellas (AAH) is an affiliate of ActionAid International, a non-governmental development organization that works with more than 15 million people in 45 countries. ActionAid works at local, national and international level and favors participative methods based on the Human Right Approach, according to which people locally are involved in addressing their needs and in designing and planning a better place to live and work in. AAH was established in Athens, Greece in 1998, where it works to increase citizen engagement and participation, foster active citizenship and promote social inclusion of vulnerable people, while providing opportunities for collective action to achieve social justice and well-being for all. Through its Community Centre and Youth Club in Athens, AAH supports our fellow citizens (adults, youth and children) who experience social and economic exclusion, and fosters volunteering culture and active citizenship among young people. AAH also implements awareness raising campaigns, education programs and social mobilization activities related to global citizenship, where more than 40.000 students participate each year. Finally, AAH promotes active citizenship among young people through educational and social mobilization activities and encourages vulnerable youth to take action through its Community Centre.

Coopérative d’Initiatives Jeunes (CIJ)

The Coopérative d’Initiatives Jeunes (CIJ) is a public interest cooperative established in Corsica. The cooperative is implementing an educational project to the cooperation focusing their actions mostly in disadvantaged suburbs, and in particular in the neighborhoods defined as “sensitive urban areas” that are often presented as territories that combine difficulties. Its program permits to youth – aged between 16 to 25 years old (disadvantaged youths, NEETs, apprentices) to initiate themselves to their own cooperative, offering services to the district’s population.

Youth services CIJ introduces people to the democratic functioning of a company, to the collective organization of labor, cooperative management and operation of the market. Youth people are supported by facilitators, supported by a local committee which brings together professionals in employment, VET centers, cooperatives, actors of social and solidarity economy sector.

CIJ is developing new approaches to empower disadvantage young to take control of their own destiny through the development of a strong sense of initiative and entrepreneurship (SIE) and become a part of the society.

Finally, CIJ empowers disadvantage young people to take control of their own destiny through the development of a strong sense of initiative.


SOLIDARIDAD SIN FRONTERAS NGOD – SSF ( is a NGO, established in 2009 and composed of interdisciplinary professionals. Its mission is to contribute to the development, integration, and wellness of the most vulnerable groups, promoting tolerance, justice, and social responsibility in cooperation with other organizations and public institutions. It promotes inclusion into society of all people regardless of their age, social origin, culture, sexual orientation or individual characteristics. SSF works in close cooperation with the Directorate of Social Service and Social Integration of Madrid region, public administration and municipalities (city council of Alcorcón and Leganés), educative centers, public and private organizations, companies. Finally, SSF, as a member of the Youth Council of Madrid, works with public authorities and educational centers to promote active participation of youth in democratic life.

AEVA (Association for the Education and Valorisation of Aveiro Region)

AEVA (Association for the Education and Valorisation of Aveiro Region) ( was founded in 1998 as a non-profit organization to meet the needs of local businesses in tackling skills mismatch by bringing education and the working world closer together. Currently, the association employs 159 qualified professionals. AEVA-EPA ( has 6 units in Aveiro Region, located in urban, rural, coastal and in industrial transition areas, and offers several IVET, CVET and TVET qualifications targeting per year around 1000 learners (14–21 years old), most of them with fewer opportunities, migrant background and dropout history. The learning path is based on learner-centered approaches and principles of inclusive education. In addition, Psychological and Career Guidance services are provided by 14 professionals to all students, learners and educators. Most of the VET programs offered by AEVA-EPA are based on the national dual system with a strong component of apprenticeship and work-based learning aiming to meet the needs of the labor market and boost employability. Currently they are implementing 46 courses with a path between 2 and 3 years. Finally, AEVA empowers youth in the areas of environment, active citizenship, intergenerational learning, volunteering, social inclusion and human rights.

SAFE Regen

SAFE Regen began life as small creative arts collective in the late 1990s. Since then SAFE has achieved rapid and sustained growth, becoming firmly established as a key Community Hub in the South Sefton community, supporting thousands of local residents and helping hundreds of small businesses, social enterprises, creative and social organizations to start up and grow. It acts as a conduit between the ‘family’ of social organizations and micro/SMEs based with its hub, and major anchor institutions such as Sefton Borough Council, local Public Health and NHS trusts, colleges and universities, housing associations and regeneration bodies. It now owns and manages; a community pub (event space), a Community Business Hub (housing 13 other social enterprises) 5 acres of growing/public space adjacent to a stretch of the Liverpool/Leeds canal, which it has formally adopted and cares for. The organization has 6 full time staff and has an annual turnover of over £1 million. Finally, SAFE empowers young people to develop creative projects contributing to social regeneration.

ActionAid Denmark

As part of ActionAid International, AADK works to unite people in the struggle against social injustice, exclusion, poverty and inequality. ActionAid International has a common set of values, based on which they work together in more than 45 countries to strengthen the rights of vulnerable people and ensure their access to influence. They work together as a locally and globally oriented organization to unite people who are fighting for common solutions to common problems. Their common approach in all countries is that marginalized people who are subject to discrimination must be at the center of their own struggle for rights and social justice. They have close links with local society in each country and work to ensure that vulnerable people acquire the ability and strength to fight for rights, justice and dignity. AADK have 174 (full-time) employees and approx. 20.000 members of the organization. Finally, AADK improves young people’s opportunities to attain a just and sustainable development, solving the deep-rooted problems that lead to poverty and inequality, including climate change.

Timis County Youth Foundation (FITT)

Timis County Youth Foundation (FITT) is an umbrella organization for youth NGOs in the west part of Romania. With more than 30 Youth NGO members and 28 years old, FITT is the most important and old youth NGO in this part of the country. The Programs and activities implemented by FITT range from social programs for disadvantaged young people to cultural programs, active citizenship and policy development (local and national level). FITT, in itself, is a model of democratic behavior, being administrated by a General Assembly made of all the youth NGOs in Timis County (West part of Romania). FITT is one of the 7 members of the National Working Group on Structured Dialogue, having a very good cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and being one of the most important contributors for the National Report of the 6th cycle of the EU Structured Dialog with Young People which was the Romanian input for the European Commission’s draft proposal on the new EU Youth Strategy.


Südwind is working in development education and awareness raising for 40 years. With a headquarter in Vienna and 7 regional offices in the provinces (ca 50 staff) it reaches out to local actors all over Austria. Südwind applies the unique international development expertise it has acquired to both its teaching work, particularly “Global Learning”, and its awareness raising and Campaign work. The diversity of Südwind’s projects reflects the complexity of North-South relations, culturally, economically, environmentally, politically, and interpersonally. Being originally founded by the Austrian Youth Council for Development Cooperation youth work has always been at the heart of Südwinds work next to awareness raising and formal education. Südwind is currently engaged in Erasmus+ projects as well as numerous other projects and initiatives. Finally, SUDWIND works on self-empowerment and political participation of disadvantaged youth, and global citizenship education.