About YOUROTRIP project


YOU.th RO.und TRIP. for climate action (acronym: YOUROTRIP) is a European project implemented in the context of the funding programme Erasmus+ “Support for Policy Reform – European Youth Together” with Agreement Number 614827.

Our vision and mission 

YOUROTRIP project aspires to foster youth participation in democratic procedures of decision making through discussions on the high priority topic of Climate Change.

We wish to give youth a voice in tackling Climate Change! Young people from 8 countries are going to formulate Youth Councils, cooperate and make policies on Climate Action, while being supported by decision makers and stakeholders at local, regional, national, and European level! Through YOUROTRIP, young people will have the opportunity to make a positive impact and move Europe to a more sustainable future!

Our mission is to:

  • Foster active participation and democratic procedures in decision making through a structured way.
  • Promote the European identity and values,
  • Establish a link between the youth, the local authorities and other relevant stakeholders in order to promote the social dialogue
  • Raise awareness on the necessity for international cooperation to solve common challenges regarding Climate Change.

Our vision is:

  • To strengthen youth voice and foster their active participation, in order to shape their Europe, their environment and thus, their future.

Our Activities 

YOUROTRIP project involves the following activities:

  • A training of youth workers on how to best support young people in engaging to policymaking through democratic procedures.

More in specific, the project partners shall develop a Curriculum for Youth Workers, as well as a Competences framework for Youth Workers supporting democratic engagement of Youth, which can view by clicking here

  • A series of 7 youth exchanges with young participants from 8 European countries aiming to enhance the ability of youth to cooperate regardless the place of origin and cultural background. Youth groups will spend one week full of participatory activities and debates in 7 countries involving also local youngsters, so that they produce policy papers containing their proposals on how to tackle Climate Change.


For more details, please view Local Youth Councils


  • At the end of each exchange the local youth who have been involved in the action, formulate a Local Youth Council, who then undertake to create networks though networking events, and roundtables with local stakeholders (Local and Regional Authorities, Schools, Universities, NGOs, Enterprises, Environmental and Youth Associations), share their vision, and ask for their support by signing an MoU altogether, stating the willingness to cooperate and support each other in future initiatives aiming at a more sustainable future.


For more details, please view Local Youth Councils


  • Finally, representatives of all the Local Youth Councils across Europe, are going to present their policy recommendations to European Institutions in Brussels, in order to shape the future strategies concerning youth and environment, whilst a joint proposal idea will be developed in order to look for a way to continue and expand the network of Youth Councils.


For more details, please view Local Youth Councils